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James wants to get what's inside his head out into the world. This little corner of the internet is your personal connection to James' experiences and expertise.

About James

Over the past 40 years, James’ storytelling style of teaching, lecturing and guiding has entertained and instructed all ages.

He has taught, presented, performed on stage, in the gardens and around camp fires since he wrote his first production at 16. However, his love of people and nature doesn’t stop on the stage, he has a keen ability to support others as they navigate interpersonal and relationship challenges. He attributes his wisdom to the concept, “everything I know in life, I learned from a tree.”  

Additionally, he has been a columnist, garden guide and published writer utilizing his abundant knowledge in horticulture and landscaping. You may have also seen his smiling face on TV, in a commercial or even in one of those greeting card movies. James loves to share his passion for life, gardening and the healing gift of nature. 

You can always find him on social media, teaching at Red Butte Garden or offering virtual classes. Keep in touch by subscribing to his weekly newsletter at 

Available Products

Fruit Pruning the right way with James Batton

Please join James for an entertaining and insightful approach to fruit pruning. He wants to provide you with the most aesthetically interesting trees while delivering a level of fruit production that will satisfy even the most novice of gardeners in their yield. Fruit production can be a lot of fun and the fruit enjoyed all year round. 

This 4 module course provides instruction and recorded demonstration of pruning. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and we'll have a live Q&A session with James the first part of March (date to be advised).

This four module course will include: 

  • The Basics. Correct and Necessary tools and techniques for the best results in the yield of your fruits. 
  • Stone fruit pruning. How best to prune, peaches, plums, nectarines apricots, and other stone fruit. These techniques are unique to stone fruits as they produce their fruit on different growth than other fruit trees.
  • Pome, fruit pruning. Pruning apple and pear types of fruits is a little trickier since it is typical for the fruit to be growing on older wood that must be planned and pruned for.
  • Pruning vines. Grapes are a wonderful home crop where juice and jams can be enjoyed and proper trimming can be both aesthetically, functional and delicious

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